Monday, August 21, 2006


My number is eight. If you ask, most people choose seven, or three, or the ones who want to be rebels, thirteen. Eight isn't very popular, thats why its my favourite number. Eight is a number still to be discovered. It comes after the old lucky number and before the top of the class. It is a number ruled by Saturn, whatever that involves.
Eight is a number with a slim waist, a number with a certain natural charm. Full of curves which insinuate, which wave and slide, dodge and weave. A sensual number. But then you just have to flip it on its side. Suddenly, its meandering and seduction are transformed into depth and infinitiy. Eight is no longer an eight, it is something vast that escapes our understanding. Two sides of the same coin. I like eight.

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Frank said...

My number is 83. But if I had to pick a single digit, it would be 4. I have no idea why. I always liked 4. Always picked 4 when asked to pick a number.

I love your interpretation of 8 though. 4 isn't as sexy. It looks like an unstable obese dude with a very small head.

8 is my birthday, by the way. So it's great.