Wednesday, September 20, 2006

being alone- there's a certain dignity to it

just came back from Aktur.


Frank said...

I envy you. Thinking nothing... never done that. Being alone, I have. Way too much, it seems.

I think doing nothing is doing something.

bengu said...

you should go somewhere away from the city. where no one knows you, where you don't even have to talk. then its not that hard to clear your mind.
i can do it once in a year, only in holidays. now i have to wait for the next summer. until that i have lots of things to think about:(

Brendan said...

Your artistic mind, thinking nothing? No, Bengu, you must've done alot of reflecting! Sounds great tho!

bengu said...

you're right:)hey i love your site, makes me wanna travel all the time