Wednesday, October 18, 2006

July 2006

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Frank said...

I want to go to Italy first. After that, I'm thinking about taking the train to go to England, meet a couple of friends. I'd also like to see some germany.

At work, I speak german with another guy. He's trying to learn german in order to move over there in a couple of years. He has a similar fascination with germany than I have with italy, and having had a few classes of german a few years ago, I help him out learning german. I'm always amazed to realize I remember that much from my german classes. I barely recall going to those classes (there was a bar right across the street from the college, after all). München... I want to go there as well. On my pilgrimage through my own personal literary shrines: Wittenberg and Leipzig, in germany. Amsterdam, in the netherlands. I have to spend only a few hours in Paris, not much more (because the french annoy me... so much for my french heritage). Obviously, Firenze. Rome. Mostly Firenze.

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